Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Voicethread: Five Kernels of Corn

    The Thanksgiving survey was very helpful in informing me of what my students knew about Thanksgiving.  I learned that many of them felt that Thanksgiving was mainly about eating turkey and other delicious foods.  I wanted to put more emphasis on being thankful and what happened with the Native Americans and Pilgrims long ago. 

      So, I selected and realistic fiction story entitled "Mary's First Thanksgiving" which is about a young girl and her family.  They had just moved to America and were very poor.  Mary didn't feel that she had anything to be thankful for until her father shared the first Thanksgiving story and the legend of the five kernels of corn.

     Afterwards I had my students write about five things that the were most important and why.  Each student recorded their responses found in our voice thread entitled Five Kernels of Corn.  The students enjoyed this activity and were very excited about sharing it with other classes.  We hope to receive some comments.

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